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Our Web Marketing Intelligence called "MIP" can do this for you. This tool help website owner to understand their customer better, enable effective and efficient conversations.
Increase your customers through our Marketing Intelligence Platform
Our Web Marketing Intelligence called "MIP" can do this for you.


Lead-nurture.com is a Marketing Intelligence platform used for broad marketing requirements that include E-mail marketing, Web Marketing, Content Marketing, Social marketing and many other marketing campaigns. This platform enables “Intelligent Marketing” from data capture, analysis and action from insight. Using this software, you can identify the potential buyers for your product/services and do marketing for these highly potential leads that will help you in many ways.

1. Get Higher ROI for your marketing activity

2. Reduce the Expenses in marketing

3. Increase your new customers

4. Increase customer loyalty for your services

5. Improve the customer experience

Some of the main features of our Marketing Intelligence Platform are,

1. CRM features: we provide all basic CRM features that include lead management, customer engagement management and most other generally used features.

2. E-mail marketing – using our e-mail marketing features, bulk e-mail campaigns can create, send, measure and improve based on your business marketing plans.

3. Lead-generation- finding new leads that can be potential customers for business is always challenging. Using this feature, lead generation process can be automated.

4. Lead-nurturing - Once you have a lead database, nurturing of these leads help you to win more customers. We provide various methods for lead-nurturing that suit your business model

5. Target marketing – sending same campaign to all your leads can be costly and less productive. Using our Target marketing features, you can get better results from the marketing campaigns.

6. Re-targeting- you can use our re-targeting features to increase your ROI from marketing activity.

7. Cross-channel marketing- do marketing through multiple channels increases the possibility of getting more audience for your product/services. We provide the functions for cross-integration of the data from multiple marketing channels.

8. Marketing Automation- this feature do the initial phases of marketing activity automatically for you that reduce your expenses for marketing.

9. Analysis- measure the marketing campaigns is the first step towards improvement. Using this feature, all the marketing campaigns can be analyzed for the impact and performance.

10. Personalization – Personalized campaigns can be delivered using our Marketing Intelligence Platform using our Advanced AI technology.


We provide all basic CRM features that is required for your lead data management, engagement management, analysis and other management functions. You can manage all your engagements with all your clients using our Engagement calendar. Customers data can import to this Marketing Intelligence Platform from various sources that include website, business card, Microsoft office and any other CRM systems. Our advanced security features gives you high end protection for your customer data.

Marketing Automation ( MA )

We use advanced scientific methods for lead scoring so that you can focus your marketing campaigns based on the lead level/rank. Initial phases of lead nurturing process can be automated so that the cost for the initial Marketing activity can be reduced and quality can be improved. Human effort in marketing can be significantly reduced using our Marketing Automation features. Lead Scoring, E-mail marketing automation, Web marketing automation, Content marketing Automation and other automation features are supported.

AI Technology

Less dependency on human interactions by using the AI technology enables predictable results. This will be useful when you have large number of operators manage large number of leads/customers in different ways. By using the AI technology, our system can predict the best recommendations for each of your lead or customer.